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Over 30 years of experience With TV Advertising and reaching highly targeted customers

Trust the Process

It didn’t come easy, but we have distilled traditional media buying down to it’s purest, most successful elements. 

From Local to National, TV Advertising still commands its seat at the table. Whether your goal is to increase your brand awareness or dial in on a hyper targeted demo in a specific geo, we have a campaign strategy for your business. 

Don’t let TV and traditional media be the channel your company neglects. While the landscape may have changed, the objectives remain the same. You need your message out there, in front of the right people. 


Your Audience

Even the best message will fall on deaf ears in front of the wrong crowd.

We do in depth demographic research to match your target audience with relevant programming.

Our Strategy

We find the target CPP to maximize TRP's and cover your media market.

It doesn't matter what size or industry. We can pinpoint a strategy to maximize your ad spend and cover a media market with your messaging.

Proven Results

More exposure, more reach. More customers. It sounds simple- and with us, it is.

We have clients in our book dating back to the mid 1990's. We think this speaks better than any review ever could.


Creative is king. This has been a long held truth in any sector of the advertising world.

Let us take that on that process and execution.


Demographic, House Hold Rating, Cost Per Point, Total Rating Point Analysis.

Our expert media buying staff has a keen eye for identifying who your customer is and how to find their programming.

Media Buying

We will negotiate media at the best possible rate available in your market.

Our processes have saved clients millions of dollars in media spend. We are expert negotiators of TV advertising media.

TV Advertising At A Glance

Just The Facts

The Attribution Issue

TV Advertising is still a multi-billion dollar industry, that is forecasted to see growth in the coming years. Digital-only media agencies stress the importance of omni-channel campaigns. “Don’t put all your spend in one platform,” they like to their clients. 

But, they neglect traditional channels, despite a long history of success. The funnel won’t fill itself, and plenty of consumers are still utilizing traditional channels. TV advertising must adapt to meet the new face of the media, and that is something we excel in providing. 

Its long been a myth that TV advertising is lacking in attribution. That is has been unsophisticated; you place media and hope that you got your target right. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Rosser Reeves (author of Reality in Advertising, and who was in part the inspiration for Don Draper), was conducting studies into the effectiveness of TV advertising as far back as 1960. We have a proprietary method for calculating traditional media success, that has proven accurate time after time. 


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