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Hodges Advertising, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a full service ad agency who specializes in advertising and media buying for TV, digital and radio campaigns. We also execute successful promotional/marketing campaigns.

It is also important to know what we don’t do. We are not an agency looking to make a hit and run media buy. Our client relationships are long standing, up to multiple decades in some cases. We think of them as marketing partnerships. To us, personal relationships are as important as business relationships with our clients. Our success is tied directly to the success of our clients; we want to increase our business by growing yours.

We provide high return marketing solutions coupled with advertising relationships and are unique in our ability to assist our clients in any and all phases of the advertising cycle. This includes: creative solutions, scripting, production, digital strategy, media buying, and any other areas of need.  Contact us and get a quote today… call us at (704) 357-3560!


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  1. I wanted to get you guys some of my voice over demos, in the event that you need a fresh voice.

    Ben & Jerry’s, Bob Evans, Caterpillar, Cabela’s, Coors, DeWalt Tools, Disney/Pixar, Joe’s Crab Shack, Jiffy Lube.

    All familiar names? All recent clients of mine. And that was just thru the J’s!

    Also Mossy Oak, Pennzoil, PRCA, The US Postal Service, Simon & Schuster, The Chicago Tribune, The UFC, NASCAR, The Southeastern Conference, Smith & Wesson, The United Nations, a gazillion car dealers and others that I’ve forgotten.

    Here’s a short demo of a few recent projects:


    Oh – and here’s a few AUTOMOTIVE spots:


    Fast turnarounds – great prices. Let’s do this!


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