Getting Sorted


There are so many different things to think about when creating and running an Adwords search campaign that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Should you use branded keywords in a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) campaign? Are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) actually good indicators of performance?

These questions don’t have immediate answers. The best practice here is to get your data sorted and in line with what is driving real bottom line sales for your business. Simple example: you know that mobile click to call is more valuable than a headline click, because you have a strong phone support staff to close sales. Your next step is to sort your data to reveal the most effective keywords and ads that drive clicks to call, rather than headline clicks. Finally, you can adjust your bidding strategy to get your business the most effective conversions available.

Once you are able to use the data at your disposal to identify what is driving your conversions, the picture becomes much clearer. The appropriate approach will reveal itself from daily, weekly and monthly reporting, but only if you know what to look for.

Store Visit Conversions

“How do I know this is working?” This is the most consistent question we get, as an advertising agency. For a television advertising campaign, the answer requires some research and patience. Did the product or store advertised see an increase in sales or foot traffic in the time during and after the campaign?

That doesn’t always translate to search engine marketing or display advertising. In the digital space, some industries are lucky enough to see 1:1 conversion correlation between keywords and an actual sale. For others, like auto for example, a 1:1 click to sale doesn’t exist, because people don’t click “Buy” on a car or truck (we’ll wait and see what stores like Carvana have to say about this over the next few years) So, how DO we know what is working?

Enter Store Visit Conversions. We can now track a customer via their mobile device, to see that not only did they click on an ad, but also they followed through with a physical store visit. This is a very powerful tool that allows campaigns to be optimized to target keywords that drive the most customer visits, when a store visit is necessary for a sale.

Best of all, it comes with no cost, so it’s all added value!

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