Search Tips – Identifying Patterns

Let’s pretend for a minute that your Search campaign is a teenager in a 1980’s horror movie. It’s a dark and stormy night and you’ve decided to go with your love interest into an abandoned house on the end of the street. You go upstairs. You hear the front door creak open, but you ignore it. You hear footsteps getting closer and closer, but you ignore it. To anyone familiar with horror films, it’s obvious where this is headed; it’s always the same routine. Everyone watching is shouting to run because they know these patterns always lead to the same end.

There are “dark and stormy nights” for Search campaigns. There are warning signs like creaking doors and groaning floorboards that are good indicators you should change your course. Studying historical data in line with your Change History can help you identify patterns that are caused by outside influences as well as your own management.

If you know how to identify repeating patterns ahead of time, it can save you from making fatal mistakes.

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