Meet Chris Hodges

The man knows the auto biz!

Chris Hodges is a business owner, small business advocate, father, golfer and media enthusiast. He started Hodges Advertising in 1987 and has been working with automobile dealers, large and small, ever since. He knows the automobile business. Though he has never taken an up on a scorching July day or sweated out that call from the bank on a customer’s loan on the last day of the month, he understands what it takes to get good traffic to your dealership. It’s about message, market and media. And he’s been doing it for long enough to know how to do it successfully for you.

Every market…every dealership…every situation is different. But there are common threads of success that Chris can help you use to see more qualified traffic at your store. Good economy or bad. Regardless of the nameplates you sell. There are ways to squeeze the most out of your marketing efforts. This is what Chris loves to do.

Let’s get the doors swinging (then maybe we’ll swing the clubs)!

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