Expanded Text Ads

It’s no fun when something doesn’t live up to the hype. Yeah, I’m looking at you New Year’s Eve…. but anyway… Expanded Text Ads…these really work! This new ad format from Google added a great amount of value and flexibility to Adwords campaigns. It provides advertisers with a much more robust platform to let the consumer know who/what/why/where.

Let’s take a look at two ads from an auto campaign to provide some evidence. Both of these ads are from the same ad group, one that uses branded keywords* for a Buick/ GMC dealer. The non- Expanded Text ad had a Click thru Rate (CTR) of 2.56% at a $3.65 Cost Per Click (CPC). The new Expanded Text Ad has a CTR of 8.95% at a $1.55 CPC. If you compare these numbers to the industry average of 2.14% CTR at a $1.43 it becomes even more clear how valuable properly executing this new ad format is.

*Branded keywords are known to be slightly more expensive than non-branded, as they better capture lower funnel customers. Example: someone searching “trucks” is higher up in the purchase funnel than someone searching “GMC Sierra”; it’s the difference in a customer who has a general idea vs. a customer who has a specific product in mind.

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